Datawind’s Sub-$50 Android Tablet Hitting The UK Soon, Next-Gen Device Matches iPad Specs On Paper


The Datawind Aakash tablet made headlines when it promised to deliver a full-featured Android device for just under $50 a couple of years back, and now the company and the device have shared some new info regarding their progress at Wired’s 2013 London event. Datawind CEO Suneet Tuli revealed that so far, the company has shipped around 1 million low-cost tablets, with plans in the pipeline that could see them increase that number exponentially both in India and in other developing markets around the world.

Part of those plans include introducing its low-cost hardware in the west for the first time, via retail sales to kick off in the UK by the end of the year. Four different models of the Aakash (called the UbiSlate now per official trade dress) will be available to UK buyers, starting at £29.99 for the UbiSlate 7Ci (Aakash2), and ranging up to £99.99 for…

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