NFC has always struck me as one of those things that everyone says is going to get really big next year, and the growing number of smartphones and tablets that come bearing support for the standard is proof that at least a few people care about it. But what if you want to experience the NFC lifestyle but your gadget(s) of choice don’t play nice with it? Enter Spain-based Sistel Networks, and its vWand stylus.

Put very simply, the vWand is part capacitive stylus, part Bluetooth-friendly NFC adapter — once it’s linked up to your tablet or smartphone of choice via Bluetooth you’ll have a pen that’s capable of reading from and writing data to NFC elements.

The vWand is a chubby little thing, but it’s not overly heavy thanks to its lightweight, plasticky (but comfortable) body. A pair of LEDs ride high on the vWand’s shaft to let…

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I like to use my SLR, but there are many times when I leave it behind because I’m not sure whether it’ll be able to handle the conditions I plan to be using it in. LA-based hardware startup Outex is trying to make sure that photographers can use their cameras anywhere, without having to fork over north of $1,000 for environmental protection gear, and it’s taking to Kickstater to fund the latest piece in its product puzzle.

The Outex is a flexible casing for DSLR and other interchangeable lens cameras (it works with mirrorless systems, too) created by founder JR deSouza and his cousin Roberto Miglioli based on their shared love of photography, a hand-me-down from their grandfather, and a lack of good affordable options on the market for protecting cameras during use in harsh conditions. DeSouza told me in an interview that he and his cousin needed something that would…

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If you’ve been to a live event recently, like a football game or a, you’ve probably noticed that the majority of people around you spent most of their time huddled over their smartphone. It’s true of life now, too, as people now interface with the world through Instagram rather than their eyeballs, but this even more true for live events.

BuzzMob launched in 2011 to capitalize on our mobile obsession with a location-based fan engagement app, designed to help facilitate and channel the social chatter at live events. The app aims to create a more engaging experience at live events by offering a focused, virtual community message board, which allows users to tap into a realtime community feed of images, tips and status updates from fellow event-goers.

From the beginning, Buzzmob’s experience has largely been focused on individual users, on allowing fans to create these targeted virtual message boards (or…

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PV untuk Single Jepang T-ara keenam “Bunny Style!” telah dirilis.

T-ara terlihat manis dengan pakaian berwarna pink dan telinga kelinci. Koreografinya juga sangat menggemaskan memang ditujukan untuk pasar Jepang.

Single ini akan resmi dirilis pada 20 Maret. Cek video-nya di bawah ini :

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G-Dragon, f (x), Psy, Jay Park, dan masih banyak lagi mendapatkan penghargaan dari ‘Korea Music Awards! di tahun ke 10.’

‘Korea Music Awards’ pertama kali diadakan pada tahun 2004 dan mengakui prestasi dari para seniman tahun lalu, Para pemenangnya diputuskan oleh juri yang terdiri dari kritikus musik, PD radio, dan profesional lainnya dalam industri hiburan.

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Hari ini berbagai anggota Super Junior berbagi foto melalui akun twitter mereka, ada Siwon yang mengatakan “Keluarga Indonesiaku! Aku merindukanmu: ^) berharap dapat melihat kalian dengan hati gembira pada tanggal 8. Aku di shanghai sekarang! “

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Taemin SHINee membuat penggemar ‘mengerutkan dahi’ mengenai komentar “kenaikan berat badan.”

Pada episode terbaru dari ‘Wonderful Day SHINee’, Taemin melanjutkan perjalanan 4-hari yang luar biasa di Swiss untuk mencoba beberapa olahraga ekstrim.

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